The Violet Wave’s Top 10 Gorillaz Songs

–by Quincy Tejani, Music Connoisseur



With growing speculation surrounding the release of the world’s favourite virtual band’s new LP we thought that it was appropriate to list some of Gorillaz’ best tracks so far. Although, in our opinion, the bands greatest cohesive statement is far and away their sophomore release Demon Dayz the band’s greatest songs are littered throughout the bands discography. Here’s a little help finding their best stuff!

10. 19-2000 | Gorillaz | 2001

This is one of the best tracks from Gorillaz fantastic eponymous debut LP. The track continued to prove that this strange new band’s unorthodox formula was capable of garnering mass appeal when it peaked at #6 on the UK chart.

9. Clint Eastwood | Gorillaz | 2001 

Possibly the band’s best known and most appreciated track, Clint Eastwood features one of the most infectious choruses of all time (I ain’t happy…).

8. El Mañana | Demon Dayz | 2005

One of the more reflective and gloomy songs on Demon Dayz, El Manaña was the least successful single that came from the album but has continued to strike a real emotional chord with fans.

7. On Melancholy Hill | Plastic Beach | 2010

“On Melancholy Hill” was featured on Pitchfork’s list of the top 200 songs of the decade so far at #152. When asked about the track band leader Damon Albarn said ” ‘The Melancholy Hill’ – it’s that feeling, that place, that you get in your soul sometimes, like someone’s let your tyres down. It’s nice to break up the album with something a little lighter. It’s good to have something that’s a genuine pop moment on every album. And this is one of those.”

6. Revolving Doors | The Fall | 2010 

The oft-forgotten 4th album by Gorillaz, The Fall, features one of the best songs that the band ever produced in “Revolving Doors”

5. Dare | Demon Dayz | 2005

“Dare” mixes disco, funk, hip-hop and trip-hop to create an original sound even by the bands lofty standards. It is their only track to reach #1 on the UK charts.

4. Tomorrow Comes Today | Gorillaz | 2001 

This is my favourite track from the band’s debut LP. Although an unpopular opinion given that “Clint Eastwood” was featured on that album I can never get over how wonderfully produced and masterfully performed this track is.

3. Kids With Guns | Demon Dayz | 2005

This song is one of the most diverse and interesting found on Demon Dayz. The track was inspired by an incident that occurred at Albarn’s daughter’s school when a kid brought in a knife from home.

2. Rhinestone Eyes | Plastic Beach | 2010

When I first heard Plastic Beach I was incredibly nervous given my love for the band’s previous releases. “Rhinestone Eyes” was the first track I heard that showed me that I needn’t be nervous and that Albarn and the gang still had it! It has since become one of my favourite songs by the group. The musical breakdown that follows the chorus is an example of musical production at it’s finest.

1. Feel Good Inc. | Demon Dayz | 2005

Sometimes the song that becomes a band’s anthem is not necessarily their best (ie. Radiohead’s “Creep). This is absolutely not the case for Gorillaz and their world renowned track “Feel Good Inc”. The song is a wonderful example of everything that makes Gorillaz such an interesting project. The hip-hop verses, the catchy chorus, the untouchable production and what is possibly the best bass line of all-time all show a band producing at their peak and offer an overwhelming argument for why this gorup is one of the most important of the century.


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