Feature Video | Ravi Coltrane Quartet | NPR Tiny Desk Concert

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

There are many jazz ensembles releasing live videos, but this one by Ravi Coltrane Quartet is special not only because of the history that the members have, but also with the technicality involved in each live track played.

NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” series is becoming one of the most important live movements in today’s music, with talented musicians gracing their “desk” every week. The series makes sure to reach all genres (and sub-genres), and recently, they hit the jazz jackpot with Ravi Coltrane Quartet.

In case you’re wondering, Ravi, the bandleader, is the son of Jon Coltrane, one of the most important and legendary jazz composers in history, while the drummer E.J. Strickland, is the brother of Marcus Strickland, the American jazz soprano and saxophonist.

“Night after night, you search for better ways to present the music,” said Coltrane to NPR in 2013, as he talked about the quartet’s technique in jazz ideology and improvisation.

Truly, this 26-minute set is an incredible journey into classic and modern jazz, and it shows why the genre is one of the most adaptable forms of music, whether it is used within its parameters (but who are we kidding, jazz the most experimental genre there is) or adapted in modern ways (electro jazz, psychedelic jazz).

“This performance is likely to be a historical footnote in the book of great jazz moments,” writes award-winning producer Suraya Mohamed, about this performance.

“The quartet demonstrates its marvelous technical capabilities and keen musicianship, and their imaginative interpretations suggest strength and resolve, a fluid embodiment of question and answer, push and pull, and rising action followed by hypnagogic culmination,” further gushes Mohamed.

Expect funky bass lines, out-of-this-world time signatures and drum rolls, and your head to be blown.

Watch the performance below:



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