Feature Video | Monogold | Cinnamon

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Brooklyn-based psychedelic indie pop trio, Monogold, offers a sweet treat with the music video for their song, Cinnamon. A stop motion parade of colorful sugar drops, cut out gummi bears and hand-drawn characters serve as a visual sugar rush that goes along with the soothing tempos and whirrs of the song.

The best thing about this video? It’s made by children studying at the Good School, a mobile stop-motion animation school for kids.

“The Good School works out of schools all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. They do mostly after school programs for kids who really love making art. We actually went to the class to meet with the kids before they got started and we talked to them about food and candy and dreams. They got about as weird with it as we hoped. All of the kids were six or seven years old and did the animation by hand, all by themselves. Who needs drugs when you’re a child, right?” said band member, Michael Falotico, in a post by Pop Matters.

If you want to have some eye candy (literally), then you have to watch this video.

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