Featured Video | Miniatures | Honey

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

While some videos bank on crazy production and aesthetics, Miniatures’ music video for their single, “Honey” is simple, and yet strangely provocative. Seeing it is like watching an indie short set in the 90’s that will make you wish your life was something like it. And then you watch it again and design your next coming days around it: the places you go to, the people you hang out with, even the way you wake up and pick your clothes. You just want to be effortlessly cool.

And having an effortless charm is probably what makes “Honey” a standout for us. The song is not the most complex piece of shoegaze epic, but it draws you in and makes you stay for a while. Vocalist Annemarie Duff banks on emotive atmospheres, and her tone is lulling and hypnotic.

Based in Christchurch in New Zealand, the band decided to fly back to their hometown of Melbourne to film the music video so it can feature their friends (seriously, how awesome is that?). As people having friends who are in bands, this music video made us reminisce about that time when friends would do a homecoming show after a long tour so they can let loose and just have fun. In the video, the band is seen partaking in random activities that they would (probably, most likely) do at home: having a picnic with cool sunglasses on, checking out band gear, and play shows.

The band was selected to be given funding by New Zealand on Air, a government arm for the arts, to produce the video and local lensman, Julian Vares, directed the video. Miniatures recently released a full LP and you can stream it here.

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