Feature Video | Lotte Kestner | Ghosts

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Aside from dark, somber tracks, we are always into anything Chris Cunningham directs, and our video of the week is Lotte Kestner’s “Ghosts” that combines both of these obsessions.

The vibe of the video is as haunting as its lyrics, and there’s no one better than Chris Cunningham to helm the visual representation of the song.

“Fiercely I thought/ that I knew something about/ the thing that I’m always singing ‘bout/ and I spend my body on/ who did I need the most/ all of my lovers are ghosts/ and none of them are here,” sings Kestner in the opening lines of the track.

Kestner, whose real name is Anna-Lynne Williams, has an iconic voice reminiscent of Aimee Mann. Kestner was also the vocalist of Seattle indie outfit, Trespassers William, and was previously featured on the Grammy-winning The Chemical Brothers album, Push the Button.


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