Feature Video | Lavender Child | Happy Illusions

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Happy Illusions” is a slow and somber track with much depth that will make one think twice about fast connections and instant gratification.

According to the artist, the track was inspired by a lush environment in an outdoor music festival that had art installations and rich forests. She said that while the place was stunning, the overflowing affection of the people around her made her doubtful of the “realness” of everything.

“The unsettling ambivalence of the place came from the juxtaposition between the people and the peaceful surroundings. My head spun from the irony both in relationships to nature and each other. I heard so many people say that they loved one another, which conceptually was beautiful, but realistically had me questioning the authenticity of the community,” said Lavender Child in a statemet sent to The Violet Wave.

Toronto-based director, Dylan Mitro directed the moving music video filled with stunning images and contrasts that reflect love and connection.

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