Feature Video | Alcuna Wilds | Fingertips


– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Filled with neon paint splatters and broken champagne glasses, Alcuna Wilds’ music video for “Fingertips” is a colorful, confusing fantasy.

An explosion of hues and melody, “Fingertips” almost feels like it’s helmed by someone inspired by David Lynch or the avant-garde movement. Vocalist Nadja Freeman definitely seems dark and brooding in the video, with only her face exposed against the blonde curls of her hair.

Directed by B.S. Laba and Lemon Corp Film Productions in the Netherlands, the trippy video revolves around the motifs of showing the fingertips all throughout the video. Laba filmed the music video digitally, but predominantly using 16mm analog film on vintage Arriflex BL and Arriflex S cameras.

I like to film mostly analog because of the beauty and grains of 16mm film; the vintage feel in my opinion that it creates is a magnificent image if scanned and developed properly”. Whilst enjoying the challenge of analog film, “…not using some advances of the 21st century is foolish in my opinion. So we create a mix, using great analog footage in combination with digital technology…” said Laba, in a press release sent to The Violet Wave.

Based in Netherlands, Alcuna Wilds is a trip-rock electro outfit based in the Netherlands. The band is heavily influenced by the 90s trip hop movement, combining atmospheric soundscapes and strong melodic riffs.

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