Feature Video | The Rigs | When We Were Young

Everyone, no matter how tough they have become, gets a little soft when taken down memory lane.

There’s probably thousands of quotes about nostalgia, and all of them literally hit so close to home. The music video for The Rigs’ “When We Were Young” is a collection of home video reels, showing how two children grew up. The concept of “loving” is showcased through a child’s eye, manifested by the affection shown by family members and milestones.

“In the midst of wrestling with and writing about an often dark and chaotic world, we spent a moment in the sweetness and simplicity of childhood nostalgia. Felt like we could use it,” said the LA-based duo.

We have to admit, the atmospheric soundscapes of The Rigs made the video even more thought-provoking and touching, and it almost made us want to experience pure unadulterated love for the first time. You know, the kind of love that exists during first birthdays, and not the kind of empty “love” that happens after a bad date.



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