Feature Video | Balagan | Moonlight

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

We like to hear and see weird things, and the video for Balagan’s Moonlight is definitely a weird ride we wish won’t end.

Berlin-based Israeli and Icelandic garage rock band, Balagan, released a video for their single, “Moonlight” and it’s an eerie ride to weird town. The band, decked in intergalactic Hindu-inspired costumes and make-up, is obviously the center of the Daklis-directed video. It features the usual kaleidoscopic lens treatment seen in indie films all throughout, and it’s set in a river with a sort of cult-ish premise. The cinematography and color way have a vintage treatment, like it’s meant to be seen through a VHS tape.

All of these sound like the recipe for a psychedelic weird-fest but there’s more to this video than the visuals. The song is actually pretty good, and it has the kind of noisy, garage rock rawness that we always find ourselves drawn into. We listened to Balagan’s jolting 5-song EP, and we dig every single song in it. We also found out that “Balagan” is the hebrew word for “chaos,” and it shows in their beautifully chaotic sound. It’s easy to say that we’re instantly hooked with their music, and we are definitely excited to hear more from this band.

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