The Relationship Rut and How to Tow Yourself Out

– by Farah Merani – 

An over-reliance on routine can make any relationship stagnant.

An over-reliance on routine can make any relationship stagnant.


Part of the evolution of any relationship is the onset of comfort and routine. You know the other person’s habits and general schedule, and they also know yours. Whatever your status is, routine is comforting but it is also stagnating. Breaking out of your relationship rut will help you keep things exciting, interesting, and probably make you more committed to your partner in the long run (provided that’s what you want from your relationship!). If nothing else, it’ll give you the opportunity to try new things and get you out of the house.

Change is never easy to execute, especially when we’re laced with the mentality of, “Why change up a good thing?!” This is where you must ask yourself if it really is that good. If you’re even contemplating the status quo, it’s probably time to shake things up. Sure, you’re bum may be aching for the sofa and your feet are itching to be put up, but your spirit (and maybe your libido?!) will thank you for that little bit of spontaneity you’ll inject into your life.

1.Plant The Seed 


Even the smallest ideas can grow into something magnificent.

Start thinking about what you’d like to do. Every action begins with an idea, so let yourself conjure up a list of possible outings that may not require a ton of planning. Just like having a frozen pizza in your freezer just in case, knowing you have options gives you some comfort.

2.Start Small 

You need to crawl before you begin to walk. So literally take a walk. Instead of plunking down to watch TV after dinner, take a stroll around the neighborhood or find your favorite locale all over again.

3. KISS It 


A simple walk to a familiar place can reignite old sparks.

Keep It Simple Stupid. The last thing you want is to have to work for relaxation and pleasure after working all day. So rather than committing to a crazy outing, keep it loose and make an executive decision to be somewhere other than home, preferably somewhere not too far. Then tell your partner to meet you there and enjoy the evening.

4.Loose And Breezy 


A change in routine may be the very thing your relationship needs to stay fresh.

Like your favorite shirt. Keeping the ambience chill and mellow will make the experience enjoyable and more likely to be repeated. Doing something similar to what you would do at home keeps you close to the comfort zone as far as activity goes, only the location changes. So whether it’s coffee, or a movie, or drinks and nibbles, you’ll have a change of scenery without blowing the bank.

However you choose to break your daily routine, you’re doing it for two and not just you. Relationships are meant to encourage us to grow and learn alongside each other. So, the more you experience together, the stronger you become together.