Jungle: A Beautiful Surf Edit By Morgan Maassen


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

This short by Morgan Maassen is unlike any other short we’ve featured. While it has no dialogue or a considered structure of a short film, the shots and editing are hypnotic and mesmerizing, and it features one of the most celebrated sports today: surfing.

Surfing is one of the most exhilarating, most aesthetically pleasing water sports to watch. The way professional surfers move in the face of the wave is almost like a dance that’s unique to each one, and each move represents years of practice and muscle memory. There’s truly no feeling that can come close to catching a good wave and riding it to the end. It’s the kind of feeling that will make one yearn for more time in the water, for more beautiful moments while paddling in and out. It’s no surprise people who are in it don’t just treat surfing as a hobby, but as a passion and as a way of life.

For those who dream of surfing all the time, this 17-minute edit by acclaimed water lens man Morgan Maassen is more than just eye candy. It serves as a visual sugar rush and a source of instant adrenaline as famous surfers slide and glide through some of the most beautiful surf spots in the world. The video features Lee Wilson, Noa Deane, Marlon Gerber, Sterling Spencer, Dillon Perillo, Rob Machado, Alessa Quizon, Laura Enever, Bella Nicols, Andrew Doheny, Nat Young, Dane Reynolds and Stephanie Gilmore.

Those aware of what’s going on in the surf world know that these are some of the best surfers out there, and Morgan Maassen’s dramatic style of shooting and capturing their skills is a beautiful thing to witness. Music-wise, the edit features a wide range of sound selection from all spheres:  DJ Shadow, Los Monstrous, Broadcast, East Village Radio, Domenique Dumont, and Rostam Batmanglij.

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