Feature Song | Young Galaxy | Catch Your Breath


– By Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

The day started like it was going to be a normal one. It was. The sun shone, I ate my meals, listened to EPs, and the breeze carried on like it does every day. Until I read this e-mail from Montreal-based electro act Young Galaxy.

Young Galaxy sent out a public rant about institutionalism in the music industry, and it seems like the duo has a lot of pent-up emotions that couldn’t be held anymore. The duo is close to a seething point, but still reminds that they are not nice, but they are kind.

“The truth is, we feel less and less interested in being represented by the music industry in its current state. The routes of communication that we are expected to pump content into feel like someone else’s, and like its values, are commercial and superficial with no subtlety in its preferred approach. Just sledgehammer,” wrote the band.

For a website who strongly believes in the power of indie music and its raw promotion methods, we find Young Galaxy’s revelations brave. It’s fierce, headstrong, and you can smell passion burning from each word. The e-mail came with their new self-sustained single called “Catch Your Breath,” and it’s a refreshing, easy listen after reading such an explosive mail. The beats, hums, and textures send an optimistic vibe. It’s like something you’ll hear at the end of a Disney movie, right when the realization of the happy ending sinks in.

Young Galaxy is a jazzy-electro pop duo with a mod, stylish sound, and quite political when it comes to their lyrics. Some of you might remember their song, “Elusive Dream,” featured as our Song of the Day some months ago.

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