Feature Song | thanks. | Annabelle

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you love The Beatles and 60’s psychedelic rock, then “Annabelle” by Los Angeles-based duo, thanks., is your jam.

Aside from being the perfect song for a slow dance, and “Annabelle” has that old-timey feel that makes it the kind of track you’ll pop on when you’re reminiscing: about your first love, or anything romantic in nature. The combination of 60’s psychedelic and indie folk makes it hard to separate from the obvious Beatlesque influence, and we’re saying that in a good way. Members of the band tag it as “stoner power-pop,” and admits that the song “Across the Universe” was a huge influence when they composed “Annabelle.”

“I hung up your picture, Annabelle/ Left a dozen roses in your mail/ You say that you’re afraid/ To date someone my age/ It’s a month or two behind/ You really shouldn’t mind/ There’s no need for a reason/ You can end this love if you want to.”


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