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“Happy Haunting” by Rare Monk sounds way more upbeat than it supposed to, considering that the lyrics seem to be a grim (but quirky) dialogue about situations after death. But then again, it’s surprising that way, and that’s why we are digging it.

Just read these opening lyrics:

“If you were to die before me/ I hope you haunt me forever/ And if I were to die before you/ Yeah I’m gonna haunt you forever, with clever puns, yeah.”

Nevertheless, we love it. They totally had us at “haunt you forever, with clever puns.”

Portland’s Rare Monk offers a nice, refreshing indie sound; and it’s almost like the sonic equivalent of a surprising lemonade taste after you’ve had the same thing in the last 10 years. Sure, you can hear pleasant tinges of Modest Mouse, and even Phoenix in the song, but that’s what makes it good: it’s derived from beloved indie acts but with a fresh take. Sort of like a worthy adaptation in its own language.

We listened to their recently released album, “A Future,” and it presents a diverse mix of melodies, riffs, tempos, and soothing vocals. Even if they have been around for quite a while, we’re certain that big things are going to happen for this band from now on. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Listen to “Happy Haunting” below:


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