Feature Song | LUME | Tip Of Your Thumb

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Social media, as much as everyone loves it, has too much control over our brains and voices, and this is exactly what LUME is singing about in her new single, “Tip Of Your Thumb.”

Beneath the sing song melody and engaging vocals of LUME lies a valuable message that aims to reach people who spend most of their lives logged in on social media. It does have a negative effect on people who are addicted on being online, but this song could only be the good thing about it.

“I wanted the song to feel like it was playful, whilst relaying a deeper message,” says the Brighton-based musician and producer.

“It’s about the culture of typing our thoughts and fighting social media wars with smart phones, where our thumb takes over to replace our voice,” continues LUME, who morphed the term “tip of your tongue,” into the witty title of the song, “Tip Of Your Thumb.”




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