Feature Song | Zoology | Portland

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

A while back, we featured Zoology in one of our Song of the Day posts, and today, we have no shame in sharing another one of their laid back grooves called “Portland.”

We have already associated Zoology with delicate vocals and intricate beatwork, and this track is a testament to that. Vocalist, Emily Kreuger’s soft tone goes effortlessly well with producer Beau Diakowicz’ melody interpretations, making it a refreshing track that will freshen any mood.

The song, as obvious as the title suggests, is about growing up in a consumerist environment where it’s easy to succumb to materialism and vanity.

“Society seems to put so much emphasis on a lavish life, shallow things & self absorbency,” says Zoology’s Beau Diakowicz.

“Growing up in Portland though, the culture always seemed to be different, not really caring,” added Emily Kreuger.

Interesting info: Emily and Beau created Zoology’s first single without meeting each other in person. The duo met via Instagram and had an online back and forth for their first song, “Escape.” These days, the two make music in the same room.

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