Feature Song | The Winter Sounds | Earth After A Thunderstorm

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

We don’t know whether to feel depressed or hopeful after seeing the video of “Earth After A Thunderstorm” from The Winter Sounds. All we know is it’s a song that will give a relaxing aftereffect.

The Winter Sounds is a band from Nashville, Tennessee with soft indie pop sound. Their single “Earth After A Thunderstorm” is a good taste of the kind of music they make. It’s fun to hear traces of 80’s synth pop mixed with modern indie flair, and it’s a trend we’re continuing to love.

Going back to the video, it shows one of the band members in a rural village setting, forming a relationship with a mannequin. While it could come off as “crazy” right off the bat, think again, because it definitely stands for something. It could mean that sometimes, silence and solace from our partners is the best thing to achieve harmony. Or that it’s fun to play make believe and enjoy someone’s presence, whether there’s life in that person or not.

While we absolutely don’t condone dating a mannequin, we’re all thumbs up for this song.

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