Feature Song | Water Slice | Dream State


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

“Dream State” by Water Slice lets you bathe in lush bass line, mellow vocals, and icy guitars, and like the title suggests, it will keep you in a constant state of dreaming.

Water Slice (Patrick Philips) creates beautiful slices of sound, and it is evident in his song, “Dream State.” It’s light, airy, fun, and we could effortlessly say that it’s a good pool party jam.

“And when I’m gone there will be no rain/ And When I’m gone you will feel no pain,” sings Philips on the second verse. While the lyrics might not be an example of poetic pantheon, the song’s simplicity against the rich melody and ornate arrangement is one of its best traits. It hits the spot in the right amounts, without feeding the listeners with too much drama or intensity. The frenetic drum beat towards the end is the perfect resolution for the song, leaving listeners in a lulled, satisfied trance.

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