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– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Turnover’s exciting new single, “Super Natural” still has the band’s signature haze as it tells the tale of a “meditative love.”

Turnover effortlessly puts a soft susceptibility into intricate instrumentalism, with fans openly describing their sound as the “dream pop for punk rockers.” They are often compared to the sensibilities of classic indie favorite, American Football.

When asked what the song is about, frontman Austin Getz simply describes the track as “specifically about just one type of romantic love, and how it became almost meditative.”

“It made me feel so relaxed, but at the same time I could feel it was something so big…it’s ‘super natural’ and it’s ‘supernatural,” said Getz, in a post by AU Review.

The song brings bright expectations into the band’s upcoming album, “Good Nature,” due out for a release August 25 (pre-order here).

The Virginia Beach natives are currently on tour, and are expected to hit Manila, Philippines on Friday, July 14.




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