Feature Song | The Wheels | Dream On

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Spain has been producing a lot of neo-psychedelic acts that we all want to feature and share with you guys, and The Wheels is definitely one of our favorites. This band from touristy Palma de Mallorca nabbed our attention with their easy-going take on psychedelic rock that reminds us of The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Comes” era mixed with Tame Impala’s glam pop qualities.

“Dream On” is off their album, “Year Of The Monkey,” and it’s a sedating trip with the perfect amount of buzz that wouldn’t eat your entire brain out. The melodies, vocals, and guitar work are all working in harmony to give the listener a soothing sonic break. It’s a nice track to go to when you want to calm down and ease out during times of existential crises, or absolute boredom.

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