Feature Song | Tess Roby | Ballad 5

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Tess Roby is the indie girl of our dreams, and her song, “Ballad 5,”is all sorts of mesmerizing.

Aside from making dreamy tunes, 23-year-old Roby is also an accomplished photographer. According to her record label, Italians Do It Better, “Ballad 5” is composed based on the “love and loss in the humid Montreal summer – the sound of Parc Avenue in the blue light of dawn.”

The hush tone of Tess Roby’s voice is a sedating reminder that all highs will eventually have lows. Even so, it is the kind of low that’s beautiful and humbling to experience. It could make you wallow or imagine the other side of the field when you’re just fresh from a semi-heartbreak.

We were also drawn into the track’s guitar work, which is done by Tess’ brother, Eliot Roby. We can imagine this song being played in the end credits of a Romanek melodrama, or in a sexually (but intellectually)-charged episode of an artist’s life.






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