Feature Song | Ted Jasper | Get It Together

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Since we’re swooning over jazz lately, today’s Song of the Day features Ted Jasper’s future electro jazz track, “Get It Together.”

The Bristol-bred beat maker blends jazz, house, electro and a lot of satisfying bass in the track. Funky, soulful, and, dynamic, the song is perfect for the “burst into dance” kind of people. If you’re into jazz and electro separately, and its trip-inducing lovechild, electrojazz, then this is truly a treat.

In the track, Jasper shows his ability to create mesmerizing beats and his creative flair in production. It positively reminds us of Ninja Tune’s Skalpel, possibly because of the upright bass sounds, but only more house-driven. We stalked Jasper’s Soundcloud page and there are many sonically versatile gems equally as good as this track (free downloads too!).

Listen to Get It Together below and let it set a vibrant mood for you:


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