Feature Song | Sunset Exotic | High Fidelity

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

Musician, producer, and all around wonder-boy, Charlie Foltz a.k.a. Sunset Exotic, presents a dose of new wave goodness with his song, “High Fidelity.”

We’ve always had a soft spot for new wave and synth-pop inspired indie, that’s why we’re gushing over this fun, and somewhat ethereal track. “High Fidelity” starts off with keys reminiscent of old Phoenix and M83, then Foltz’s wailing, raspy vocals start to brush off, heading into a fuzzy, layered trip of a chorus.

It’s something you’ll hear from a high quality music themed movie, like yes, High Fidelity. It’s quite addicting, and we can imagine serious music heads digging this tune. There’s definitely some promise on the kind of sound Sunset Exotic is trying to give.

Listen to “High Fidelity” here.

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