Song of the Day | Small Black Reptile | Find My Arm

Just after 2 seconds of hitting play, it’s easy to declare that this song is an absolute killer.

These days, a lot of bands can pull off the 60’s psychedelic sound, but not a lot go for the noise, heavy fuzz, strong riffs, and hard bass that can serve as the gateway drug to punk rock.

Small Black Reptile is absolutely the kind of band that I would not mind finding out more about: they have a cool name, and more importantly, they had me hooked with just one song. Like a research expert, I did the usual 3-second Google search, and I wasn’t that successful (or was it meant to be like that?). It’s hard to imagine that the band only has 18 likes on their Facebook page (are their friends too stoned or drunk to go online? That could only be the case, or they can be too cool for social media promotion and not give a damn about Facebook).

They do have a website which says “Small Black Reptile is from Baltimore” on top of the band’s monochrome collage photo against each other without their heads. I freaking love them already.

Listen the band’s debut single, “Find My Arm” below.


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