Feature Song | Sleeping Jesus | Cigarette Skies


– By Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

If a beautiful, natural landscape could morph into a song, it’s “Cigarette Skies” by Sleeping Jesus. While the title suggests smog and a cloudy presence, this song is far from it. It’s simple, dreamy, and it sounds like the time when fall is just about to start: when warm colors are about surround you.

Sleeping Jesus is Nick Elstad’s dream pop project, and after recording songs from the basement, the indie quintet from Minneapolis has released a stunning EP called “House Plants.” They have also been playing gigs in different cities and states (check out their gig schedule here).

Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m walking along the countryside, feeling the excitement to wander and explore the greenest, lushest of hills. It’s the kind of song that injects a pleasant memory in my head even if it hasn’t happened yet, and it makes me feel excited and hopeful that someday, it could be a reality.

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