Feature Song | Skye Wallace | Scarlet Fever – The Violet Wave


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Sounding like a punk anthem laced in romance, “Scarlet Fever” by Skye Wallace could set the tone to an adventurous love affair you’ve been dreaming of. Filled with thumps and heavy bass, Skye Wallace sings about a fantasy love story that you would usually read on paperbacks or see in afternoon soaps.

Talking about the story of the song, Skye mentioned that “Scarlet Fever,” paints an old-timey love story way before the age of technology.

“I wrote Scarlet Fever about a love story set in the Yukon. After a winter apart, Scarlet is arriving in the Dawson City harbour by boat and her lover awaits on land, petrified with uncertainty over the state of their devotion.”

“The song’s energy evokes the messy turmoil of love and lust, and the music video, directed by Nathanael Vass, reflects the jittery, sexy, maddening thrill that comes with it,” continues the singer.



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