Feature Song | Sir Sly | Change

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Sir Sly’s latest release, “Change,”  is a dreamy (and kind of depressing) track that could very well be a contender for this summer’s breezy anthem. Vocalist London Jacobs displays a downtrodden narrative, showing his vulnerability in the lyrics that accompany a chill wave melodic treatment.

Change puts a sheer, feathery audible layer over depressive thoughts, with verse lyrics saying “I’m ashamed/ I hang my head and I get on my knees and pray/ Seems like I have not done this in a thousand days, a thousand years/ Feeling with my thousand fears/ I don’t know where they all came from.”

The dark nature of the lyrics is contradicted by the band’s whimsical arrangement. We’re not sure if Sir Sly wants the listeners to feel as sad as the lyrics after listening to the song, but it definitely leaves a good feeling. It’s simple, catchy, and thoughtful; and it puts one in a fresh mood, making this song from this LA-based indie band worth a listen.


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