Feature Song | Simen Mitlid | This Time

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Simen Mitlid is a Norwegian folk rock act, and his song “This Time” will give you all the feels you need to warm your cold, cold heart.

Almost reminding me of the sound that Kings of Convenience has, “This Time” has the simplicity of humble track, with complex acoustic frames, and it’s comforting to listen to.

“This time, I need you alone/ You don’t have to talk, just let me hang around,” sings Mitlid, professing pure affection without expecting anything in return. Akin to watching a rom com movie that stars an underdog, the song made me root for Mitlid’s hero, hoping that the girl would soon realize that she has a good man waiting for her.

It gets even better towards the end, as the song gains a certain glow that could make you close your eyes as you bob your head (and heart) to it.

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