Feature Song | Sensei Eileena | Empty Emotions

– by The Violet Wave Staff –

There’s just so much unique voices these days that it’s a challenge to distinguish which ones truly stand out. And then this girl comes along…

Hailing from Atlanta, Georga, Sensei Eileena has a sound that’s akin to a warm cup of high quality coffee on a cold day. It’s light, comforting and it’s exactly what you need when you’re starting to feel numb inside. Her song, “Empty Emotions” has a minimal treatment, with relaxed beats and sedating, textured vocals. It’s as if she sat you down to tell a story about having so much feels, but her fine, raspy voice is all you could ever focus on. Despite the title, the song is filled with just the right amount of emotions: nothing too overwhelming and heavy.

Listen to Sensei Eileena’s “Empty Emotions” below, and check out more of her stuff here.

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