Feature Song | Satellite Citi | Pyramid

Coming from Los Angeles, California, Satellite Citi brings in an alt-hard rock sound. Vocalist and drummer Anna Gevorkian teams up with Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) to create a multi-layered sound that doesn’t really belong in a genre. Their sound is unique and dynamic, and veers on the funk side thanks to Anna’s drumming style. Sulahian’s background in heavy metal is evident, and it gives a fresh take on this kind of guitar-driven sound.

The band teamed up with producer Brad Wood, who has worked with Smashing Pumpkins and Placebo, to create their debut EP, “Negative Space.”

“The underlying theme in our music would be overcoming negative energy, hence the EP title, Negative Space. We want our music to encourage people to stand up when they’ve fallen”. Despite Negative Space being a raw, rock and roll EP filled with relentless energy and growling guitars, it thematically features sensitive and introspective subject matters,” says the band in a release sent to The Violet Wave.


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