Feature Song | saib. | Serenade


– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

I have a thing for bedroom musicians. They are immensely talented and adorably nerdy, they have taste, they are proud of their lo-fi sensibilities, and they don this quality of being an overall chilled out human being. In short, they are perfect. Almost all bedroom musicians I interview and write about have something in common: their songs can either take you to the moon with so much elation or make you fall asleep happily.

Saib., a producer and beatmaker from Casablanca, Morocco, has instrumental bebop, hip hop, electro jazz, and many other elements incorporated in his sound. “Serenade” belongs to his calmer collection, and it’s like a warm glass of milk and a cookie: it’s the perfect song to play just when you’re about to get in between your sheets and prepare yourself for a wonderful dream.

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