Feature Song | Romare | Come Close To Me (Live Edit)

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

If there’s anything that Romare has already shown us, it’s his smooth, unyielding skill in stitching beats and synths together in ways that are tastefully proven to pierce beyond known sound waves. Simply put, he can make anyone dance.

Yesterday, Ninja Tune announced the release of Romare’s live-edit video for his summer hit, “Come Close To Me,” and it’s an audiovisual spectacle. The UK-based act played with all-80’s electro themed visuals to go along the track. Hi hats, claps, a throbbing sapid bass line, and fluttering keys complement the prolonged moog synths that precede a glassy drop. With its 110-bpm downtempo mood, Come Close To Me definitely belongs to anyone’s sedated dance playlist.

Romare, The Violet Wave

Romare in a live edit video for Come Close To Me (Source: Ninja Tune)

Emerging from a celebrated lineage of electro acts from Ninja Tune such as Bonobo, Coldcut, and Teebs, Romare has been consistently busting out polished and gratifying dance tracks, and Come Close To Me is no different.

These days, it’s easy for electro acts to go overboard on whatever technology can bring. In some cases, so-called tracks either get too overwhelming, or produced in strewn a way that appeal to the drugged up listeners (not that it’s a bad thing, but you get what we mean). Romare does his experimental craft in a manner that his songs become the drugs itself: sonically potent, intoxicating, and journey inducing.

Watch and listen to Come Close To Me below and do a little dance by yourself.


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