Feature Song | Retrolux | Wood

What’s great about what we do, aside from being surrounded by music 24/7 (the dream, isn’t it?), is that artists with so much potential pop up in our inbox. We try hard to scour what we feature as much as we can, but when blessings come like this, it’s almost a sin to ignore it.

And today’s blessing comes in the form of electronic duo, Retrolux, who presented us a total banger of a song called “Wood.” Anna James and Meynard Shaye from Gainesville, Florida make up Retrolux, and we feel that they’re going to be one of our new favorite acts.

So how does “Wood” sound like?

Imagine along the lines of Phantogram’s sound, but with soothing vocals. While it’s definitely frenzied and beatific, it’s also  relaxed and chilled out. We feel that Retrolux’s sound doesn’t just cater to one audience. It has lots of interesting layers that’s quite uncommon in this kind of electro/synth pop treatment, and it got us excited.

Listen to “Wood” below.

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