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If you’re ready to come face to face with a melancholic past (or future), Raveen’s “Always” is the song to start the conversation for you.

Montreal-based Raveen, has perfected the formula for a “sad rock song,” with their single “Always.” The band didn’t make it complicated too, using simple piano chords, gentle strums, light plucking, synths, and a bassline that sounds like the heartbeat of a sad person. It could be possible that listeners might compare them to the likes of Cigarettes After Sex and Radiohead.

While Raveen does own a sound of their own, it’s hard not to hear the huge Thom Yorke influence in Eric Séguin’s vocals. Nevertheless, “Always” is a poignant listening experience worthy of your time.

The electronic three-piece is currently on tour, with a show in Montreal on July 28, and one in Toronto on August 11. The band’s first release, “Always,” is due out on July 28.

Listen to “Always” below.


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