Feature Song | Ponytails | Love To You

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Imagine you’re in a dark place for hours and then suddenly, a tiny glimmer of light appears. And then it gets brighter and brighter, until the room is filled with a warm glow that reminds you of hopeful days. That’s how “Love To You” by Ponytails made us feel.

Strumming on psychedelic pop and good vibes from Vancouver, Ponytails gives us a light and airy take on loved up psychedelia: not too sappy, but with just the right amount of care.

“Love To You” is like the perfect romance: it has a slow pace and it’s not forcing us to rush into things. It also gives us a fuzzy amount of affection that comes in a breezy way. Nothing too crazy or wild, just steady and at ease… until it reaches climax at the end and it explodes into something you’ll be thinking of for days, or even weeks to come.

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