Feature Song | Pomona Dream | Tropicana

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Whip up the piñacoladas and put your Hawaiian shirts on, Pomona Dream just started this summer’s best pool party with their latest jam, “Tropicana,” and we’re all invited.

The Swedish duo labels their music as “future jazz psycho bop,” which makes sense, considering that Tropicana has tinges of jazz flute, bongos, double bass, and even bossa vocal sensibilities. The song will definitely make you want to head straight to the pool, after you’re done drunk dancing with your friends or in front of the mirror holding that frozen margarita.

The duo, who was brought by fate together, has a sound worthy of anyone’s summer party playlist. And by fate, we mean Soundcloud bots that linked producer Ribbs and vocalist Sandra’s account by mistakenly notifying them of being credited for each other’s music. After realizing that they have much in common, the duo met up and continued concoct boppy electro tunes, with their first single released in 2015. We’re sure glad they did. Browse through their songs here.

Be on your best summer mood and listen to Tropicana here:


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