Feature Song | Petrus Nordh | Break In Half


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Swedish musician, Petrus Nordh, is giving us life today with his track called “Break In Half.”

We’ve always been drawn to Scandinavian indie, and Petrus Nordh’s sound is something we’re digging. “Break In Half” reminds us of a little bit of Metronomy, but in his own style and sound. The Swedish act has traces of new pop, retro funk, and rock and roll, and it all makes for a satisfying couple of minutes.

According to the Nordh, “Break In Half” is sung about the fear of failure, fear of being stressed out, and sung as a way to hope for a calm state of mind. Browsing through Nordh’s YouTube page, we saw him jam to a funky beat, explaining the funky undertones in his songs.

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