Feature Song | A Perfect Circle | The Doomed


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

It’s been 14 years since legendary band, A Perfect Circle, has released anything. And today, the rock gods have answered all of our prayers because Maynard James Keenan just dropped the new APC single called “The Doomed.”

As hardcore APC Fans, one could imagine the thump in our chests and the abundance of sweat on our foreheads when we clicked on the link to listen to the track. It starts with the familiar echoed drums heard in past songs; and fast-forward to the 30 second-mark, the throbbing bass begins and Keenan bursts out with… “Behold the new Christ/ Behold the same old horde.” It gets heavier after the first verse, with Billy Howerdel’s familiar riffs turned up a notch. A darker overturn could be heard when the bass and drums lumber throughout the song, with Keenan’s signature wail wrapping everything up.

The celebrated front man mentioned that it was the overwhelmingly difficult political climate that egged him to push for this release.

“Fourteen years have passed since we released eMOTIVe. A new release is long overdue. In light of this current difficult and polarized social, spiritual and political climate, we artist types need to open our big mouths and share the light a little louder,” said Keenan, in a post by Consequence of Sound.

Even if we are all indeed, “The Doomed,” at least we have a banging soundtrack for our fates.


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