Feature Song | Panthermilk | Great Wave

– by The Violet Wave staff –

Funk is great. Rock and roll is of course, always great. And when put together and called funk ‘n roll and fused with psychedelic rock, it could be a magical trip.

Utah-based band, Panthermilk, has an offering of this interesting fusion sound with their song, “Great Wave.” Just by noticing the bass flaps, the guitar chords and style of strumming, the horn section, and percussions, one could easily say “Ahh, of course. There’s the funk influence.” And then you notice the treatment of the distortion and effects, and then the psychedelic vibe comes in. We didn’t expect it, but it’s actually fun to groove and bob your head to fuzzy, dreamy sounds and we have Panthermilk to thank for it.

So many things could be said about this song, but we’re just going to go ahead and say it: funk + psychedelic = funkadelic. It’s the kind of fusion we dig.

Listen to Great Wave below.

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