Feature Song | Pale Grey | Late Night ft. Serengeti

– By Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Well-loved indie band, Pale Grey, explores wider horizons with their new single, “Late Night,” which features Chicago-based alternative hip hop artist, Serengeti.

Pale Grey continues to be Belgium’s indie rock pride with their new single called “Late Night,” and it’s a song that will definitely surprise old and new listeners. Towards the middle, a play on string instruments can be heard, and it further expands the song’s reach. I might be a little bit bias because I am a huge fan of hip hop and indie rock separately, and hearing “Late Night” is like eating two of my favorite dishes at the same time as I enjoy all spectrums of taste, and without the food coma.

The band provides the background and foundational fuzz for Serengeti’s provocative rhymes, and the marriage of indie rock and hip-hop in this track is so solid that it can already name its grandchildren. Like many other masterpieces of new age indie, this song is a result of “wav file exchanges” between Serengeti and the band. Ahh, technology!

Pale Grey will be on tour early this year, with stops in Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

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