Song of the Day | New Youth | Dancing On A Glass Floor

Bands like Interpol, Miami Horror and Empire of the Sun prove that having an 80’s sound is considered an indie staple, and New Youth’s “Dancing On A Glass Floor” is a stellar addition to this trend.

There is definitely something hypnotic about 80’s synths, guitars, bass, and treble when put altogether. It’s almost like it’s creating a hypothetical analog scenario that’s meant for a VHS release. New Youth, the work of Silas Acosta from Austin, Texas, is a purveyor of the 80’s indie sound, and we’re absolutely glad to run across “Dancing On A Glass Floor.”

It’s catchy, and has the capability to make listeners hooked in seconds. It’s the kind of song you want to hear when you’re feeling like you’re surrounded by fresh breeze and yellow daisies on a field. It’s the kind of song you want to embed on your mind when you’re having that fragile feeling of having fuzzy feels for someone, as described in the song.

Listen to this gem below.

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