Feature Song | Mute Choir | Election Season

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Toronto’s Mute Choir is back with a spunky new track called “Election Season,” and it’s keeping us awake like five shots of espresso to our ears.

“Election Season” has all the workings of a jolted tinker soldier drumming on crazy beats.

“Election season is a song that came as a sort of emotional response to a time in my life where I had a lot of different voices around me telling me the versions of myself that I should be, and that really messed with my head for a while. It left me in a place in my music and in my life where I felt very indecisive, like I didn’t have an objective view of who I was or what I wanted,” said the artist.

“The song came as a sort of response to that feeling. The music was a result of me rejecting that notion and not really thinking too much of what the song was supposed to be, but just letting it come out naturally, and as a result this ended up being one of my favourite songs on the record, and after I wrote it that objectivity kinda came back to me and I was like “I know exactly what I want to do now.”


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