Feature Song | Milmine | Altered State of Mind

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

We live in a world of hurting, and unfortunately, that is a fact. While some people shrug it off to see the sunnier side of life, Wichita-bred musician Milmine, created a beautiful song to encapsulate the melancholy of a failed romance.

“Altered State of Mind” is a slow, folk tune with a sad psychedelic, blues-y charm. It simply narrates the hero’s fears of crushing an already annihilated heart and ego. While it’s a fairly sad tune, listening to it is a good kind of hurt: like a humbling hurt that brings us back to square one.

“I told my friends, I’m not coming in/ Cause there’s a good chance I’ll see you leaving with him./ I keep my wits because I hate to sin, but you’d be crying if you knew how I’ve been./ Now I’m in this altered state of mind/ I just don’t know how to leave it behind,/ got away with murder this time/ and clearly you are doing just fine,” sings Milmine, as he gently strums on the melody that makes us want to curl up in sadness.

“Altered State of Mind” is included in Milmine’s album, “So Long And Thanks,” and you can stream it here.

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