Feature Song | Micky James | Give It To Me Straight

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Taking cues from David Bowie, The Clash and The Rolling Stones, Micky James gives a tasteful power jam that’s perfect for all moments: whether it’s for you singing in the shower or playing air guitar with your friends.

The musician’s rock and roll sensibilities mixed with a familiar sing-song pop flair is the perfect mix for an interesting ride to a classic loud sound. Micky James used to be in a band and has toured around the States. After the band dissolved, Micky focused on his solo project. Micky’s time with the band contributed in the development of his new project.

“Give It To Me Straight” sounds raw, full of life, and splendor. And it’s the perfect tune to give you some life during a lazy day.

“They say some of your best work or the best songs you write appear from the sky and happen pretty instantaneous….well I feel ‘Give It To Me Straight’ felt like one those songs,” said James, in a release sent to The Violet Wave.

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