Feature Song | Mellow Fellow & Floor Cry | New Year’s Eve


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’re waiting for Christmas posts, you’re not going to get it today. We’re going to jump over Christmas and go straight to New Year’s Eve with this relaxing track from Mellow Fellow.

If dreampop and psychedelic had another baby (as if they haven’t had enough), Mellow Fellow’s “New Year’s Eve” could be their favorite offspring. We can see the potential of this track growing up to be a relaxed, independent and tantrum-free lovechild, and we’re getting the feeling that we’re going to take it on play dates all the time.

All kidding aside, we’re in love with the hushing vocals and playful guitar work. It takes us back to slow 90’s rock, and not the cheesy kind. The song elevates in the same way when feelings get heightened or more intense, and that’s the way we like songs to be.


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