Feature Song | Mcbaise | Paradis Du Cuir


– By The Violet Wave Staff –

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to bathe in smooth yachty rock, then Mcbaise will take you on a smooth, sailing trip.

Almost sounding like Mac DeMarco with a sexier guitar licks, bass line and overall flair, Paradis Du Cuir is actually a captivating tune with a magnetic appeal. The hook is addicting, and it will inject itself right into your head because the melody has that last song syndrome appeal.

“Paradis Du Cuir” means Heaven of Leather, and we’re not sure if it has some kinky undertone, but it definitely sounds pleasurable. The track comes with a quirky 80’s themed music video with silly choreography, pastel color tones, slow motion shots of oozing champagne bottles and cheesy flame effects. The musician brands himself as a flamboyant hipster, who chooses words like “turd” for promo codes for his albums, and writes “Mcbaise lives in Auribeau, a village next to that cunt of a city Cannes and spend most of his time eating pan bagna on the beach” as his bio on his Facebook page. It doesn’t take away the fact that we love his sound though.

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