Feature Song | Maya Killtron | Satin Sheets

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Are you one of those nostalgic individuals who can’t seem to shake off admiration for the glittery days of the 90’s? If you are, “Satin Sheets” by Maya Killtron is your jam for today.

This song just screams nostalgia: it takes us back to the time when Mariah Carey released “Fantasy,” or when hip-hop was at its best, glorious time. The synths, beats, and overall feel gives off that 90’s vibe.

“This song is high school Maya, the stacked vocal harmonies, the 90’s bass, the Brampton top down beat. As with all of the Never Dance Alone (my forthcoming Album) tracks, it’s the music I always wanted to make. Not just a nod or throwback, not disposable or following any trend. Its a real gateway into my musical past in ever bar. Syrupy, rich & full of R&B high school angst,” said Killtron.




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