Feature Song | Masego | Navajo

– by Camille Banzon, Music Editor –

Masego has always been on everyone’s radar, especially when he appeared in that live video with FKJ where they completely tore the sh*t out of the Red Bull studios in Paris with their improv jam called “Tadow.”

The 24-year-old American saxophonist with Jamaican roots introduced a modern approach to experimental jazz called “Trap House Jazz,” a genre that he proudly wears on his sleeve, as much as always mentioning it in his artist/musician online profiles.

Stylish, vibrant with his sound, and definitely talented as a multi-instrumentalist, Masego showcased his suave vocal prowess in this new release, proving that as playful as he is, he can do a straight up funky, upbeat neo-soul number.

Listen to Navajo below:


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