Feature Song | Mama’s Gun | London Girls

– By The Violet Wave Staff –

Soul quintet Mama’s Gun presents a blossoming homage to girls in their hometown with “London Girls.”

Soul music is just invigorating. It’s impossible not to feel alive and extra funky when you hear the bass thumps, guitar licks, and vocals that make every single cell in your body vibrate. “London Girl” by Mama’s Gun makes us feel this way, from the first second up to the last.

“I wanted to write a tune with ‘London’ in the title. For most of my career, I’ve been making American-influenced music and it’s nice to do stuff that kind of points to where you’re from and the fibre of your being. I also wanted to write something very empowering about the strong metropolitan London women, from the street to the boardroom,” said vocalist Andy Platts, who wrote the song as a tribute to his mother.

The video is fun to watch, and for a second we thought that maybe the kind of “London Girl” the band is talking about is someone who can parkour her way out of a bad date or on her way to a fire sale.

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