Feature Song | Luke Marzec | When We First Met


– By The Violet Wave Staff =

Raw, unique, and powerful in a calm manner. That’s Luke Marzec’s “When We First Met” in a nutshell.

What we always love about jazzy vocals is that it has the power to stand out no matter what genre it is found on. And if mixed with minimal electro and synths, it just becomes illuminating. While other songs thrive in complexity, “When We First Met” is a testament that as long as there is taste and style in arrangement and in its primary elements, it will work and sound effortlessly good. It kind of reminds us of James Blake and Fink, but in a softer manner.

While we’re on the subject of vocals, we’ll point out that Marzec’s style come across as raspy, seeming like he’s been singing non-stop from the night before, smoking a few joints while at it. When we hear him sing, it’s as if we’re transported to a dingy, hole-in-the-wall type of bar, where men are brooding and the ladies are mysterious.


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